Regional Sustainable Finance and Impact Assessment knowledge-sharing platform (RSFIA)

Fostering continuous and in-depth knowledge exchange and dialogue for stakeholders from all sectors involved in sustainable finance and mainstream environmental decision-making systems

Exploring the EU Sustainable Finance framework


Sustainable finance experts, environmental authorities, and professionals supporting environmental decision-making (EIA, environmental audits, etc.)


Croatian Association of Experts in Nature and Environmental Protection (HUSZPO) with support from leading international experts in the field


Supported by the Croatian Engineering Association (HIS)

The European Union’s Green Deal strategy has been steering the ambitious transition towards a sustainable and climate-neutral Europe by means of policy proposals, legislative actions, funding mechanisms, research and innovation programs, and international cooperation. However, the intricacy of the requirements related to financial and environmental sustainability poses implementation challenges that need to be resolved if they are to become an integral part of pragmatic solutions to EU’s climate concerns.

In this context, the Croatian Association of Experts in Nature and Environmental Protection (HUSZPO) and international experts have created the RSFIA - a regional knowledge-sharing platform focused on drawing solid connections between the different EU legislation related to sustainable finance framework.

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